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GingerCloud Foundation will help families develop their own roadmap to enable their children to grow, to access opportunities and to become everything they can be.

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GingerCloud Foundation will help the community understand how and why our children learn and perceive differently.

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Community Partnering programs help families access activities in their local community modified to meet theirs and their children’s needs.

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Our Story

Our astonishing son Max is almost 11 and he’s doing so well in his Grade 5 mainstream classroom. Max reads at the level of a 7 and ½ year old, he’s writing in sentences, his spelling has improved significantly and he’s confidently accessing the Grade 2 Math Curriculum. He now also speaks in sentences, he hugs us and his sister Lara, he smiles and laughs, he plays sport and he invites his friends and ours around for dinner.

Yet 8 years ago when his language stopped developing, his screaming episodes started and his behaviour became more and more extreme, our family was in crisis. Everything changed and many of our dreams and expectations of what our family life would be like became lost.

In the midst of this chaos, we dared to dream a new dream for all of us. We realised we couldn’t achieve this dream without creating a specific Elliott family road map to deal with the complex neurological issues we were facing. We would need far more than a cookie cutter solution for Max and for us.

It was this vision, our family plan, that gave us the power to stay afloat each time we were sucked into that whirlpool of sheer emotional overwhelm.

We wanted to gift that power to other families through the GingerCloud Foundation.

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